Unsere COST-Studenten von Januar bis Mai 2009

Unsere COST-Studenten von Januar bis Mai 2009

Auch wenn das Maskottchen der University of Georgia etwas grimmig aussieht, sind unsere beiden COST-Studenten mit großer Freude an der KLS im Einsatz. Für vier Monate absolvieren sie hier den praktischen Teil ihres Lehramtsstudiums und bereichern den Unterricht vor allem in Englisch und ETE. Bei der Projektwoche haben sie die Klassen 6 bei ihren Projekten "Kids in Cologne" unterstützt.

"Hello!  My name is Kara Jensen and I am a fourth year student at the University of Georgia, U.S.A. Here, I am completing a double major in English and English Education and plan to one day be a literature teacher in a secondary school. I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and started studying in Georgia four years ago.

Teaching students of all cultures and ages has always been a passion of mine. At age fifteen I started teaching Shotokan Karate classes to students from America, China, Korea, and Mexico. I learned at an early age that every culture is special and should be understood and respected. So, when I found out about the COST program through my University I couldn’t wait to jump at the opportunity! I strive to find challenging opportunities to push myself and to learn about other places, lifestyles and traditions. When I found out I was going to Cologne to teach English I was ecstatic! I was ready to tackle the language barrier and see what life is like in Germany.

Since arriving in Cologne, I have learned an endless amount of new teaching methods like how to teach English to non-native speakers.  This skill will be very useful when I return to the states and will be a skill I will continue to develop in Georgia’s Graduate School.  The students I have been teaching are some of the brightest and most motivated students I have ever worked with.  Their respect and constant enthusiasm has made my experience here very pleasant and I hope to bring back some of their German culture to my future students so they can see what life is like outside of the United States."

"Hi! My name is Nate Dawkins and I am from Atlanta, Georgia in the United States.  I am in my final year of study at the University of Georgia where I am majoring in Social Studies Education. I plan to teach History and Political Science at the secondary level upon my graduation in May.  I will be in Cologne through April completing my student teaching through the COST program.

I am very excited about the opportunity I have this semester to gain insight into education outside America as well as enhance my own teaching capabilities through my experiences here at KLS.  This is also my first trip abroad and I am equally enthusiastic about experiencing German culture and seeing other parts of Europe during my stay.

During my time here so far I have tried to take advantage of the unique chance I have to observe new ideas about education.  I have taken note of differences from what I have observed in classrooms in America and look forward to being able to apply this knowledge as a future educator toward creating more effective learning environments.  My experiences teaching in the classroom have also been very worthwhile as I have had to learn to bridge cultural gaps and connect with students who are very intelligent and capable but do not speak English as their native language."


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