COST-Studentin von August bis Oktober 2014

COST-Studentin von August bis Oktober 2014

Für ein sechswöchiges Praktikum kam eine unserer beiden COST-Studentinnen in diesem Herbst von der Ashland University in Ohio. Voller neuer Eindrücke kehrt sie nun zurück und absolviert den zweiten Teil ihrer praktischen Lehrerausbildung dort. Sie hat hier mit Klassen und Kursen zu "Dystopia" und "American Dream" gearbeitet und mit den 5ern zusammen am Forumtag den Zoo kennengelernt. Hier ist ihr Bericht:

My name is Emma Killmeyer and I had the immense pleasure of completing half of my student teaching internship at KLS this fall. I am a senior Integrated Language Arts major at Ashland University and have always wanted to be a teacher. When in the states I only teach English literature in high school, but here I got a chance to broaden my horizons by teaching English (mostly American history and politics) to grades 6-12. 
Working at KLS has been an amazing experience and one that could not have been duplicated anywhere in the US--and not just because no one there is constantly speaking fluent German! I studied German for all four years of high school and had wanted to visit Germany ever since my first class. Luckily, my family and school were determined to help me make that dream come true, and I was able to arrive in Cologne in August ready to tackle the culture, the language, and a new school environment! Though not without its challenges, being at KLS taught me a lot about being a teacher, helped me become more flexible, and showed me different ways of teaching to bring back to America. The students were amazing, friendly, and bright, and the teachers were even more so. Coming into the school felt like coming into a place where you immediately belonged and could feel comfortable, and I think that's both an important and hard thing to accomplish.
Living in Cologne was terrific! I come from a city about the same size (Pittsburgh, PA), but the feel of the culture is completely different. Trying new foods (though not necessarily liking all of them), going new places, and getting more comfortable using my rusty German was all so much fun, and I feel that living in such a foreign space helped me to grow a lot as a person and get to know myself much better. I loved my stay here in Germany and know that the people I met, the places I went, and the time I spent here will forever stay with me and affect how I go about my life, both inside the classroom and out.
Wir wünschen ihr alles Gute für den weiteren erfolgreichen Abschluss ihrer Ausbildung!
E. Wright


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