COST Studenten von Januar bis April 2015

COST Studenten von Januar bis April 2015

Ob University of Wisconsin Falke aus der Kälte Minnesotas  oder Auburn University Tiger aus dem warmen Alabama mit der Hoffnung, Schnee in Köln kennenzulernen, unsere beiden COST-Studenten kamen in diesem Frühjahr aus sehr unterschiedlichen Gegenden der USA. Sie haben uns in vielen Englisch- und ETE-Klassen im Unterricht tatkräftig unterstützt und z.B. in der Jg. 8 Landeskunde zum Mittleren Westen oder den Südstaaten authentisch vermitteln können. Mit Geduld und Enthusiasmus haben sie bei mündlichen Prüfungen oder Lernstandserhebung geholfen und Projektwoche, Karnival oder Besuch beim FC-Spiel begeistert mitgemacht. Im folgenden kommen sie selbst zu Wort:

"To the parents, students and teachers of KLS,

Hello, I am Mr. Paul Ruble and for the past three months I have had the pleasure of teaching English and ETE at KLS in grades 8th, 9th, 11th, and 12th.  I am from Minnesota, land of ice and snow, currently working on a degree in history and social studies education. 

Teaching in Germany has allowed me to expand my cultural knowledge, travel to famous historical sites, and learn new methods of education.  Some of my highlights in the school for the past three months have been working with 5th graders on creating skits, assisting 9th graders in creating a business plan, and traveling to London with a group of 12th graders.  Oh, I also had the pleasure of going to a Köln “soccer” game with the school and participate in Karnival. 

Outside of the classroom my adventure continued by visiting Berlin, Frankfurt, Bonn, Rome, London, and even Munich for several hours.  I know that someday I will return to continue the adventure were I left off.  I would like to thank Mr. Clemm, Mrs. Fassbender, and Mrs. Wright for opening their classroom doors to me.  I would also like to thank the students for putting up with my “funny” accent and embrace the lessons with an eagerness to learn. "

"Greetings from Auburn, Alabama! My name is Mary Cait Finch, and I have just graduated from Auburn University, where I earned my degree in Secondary Education, English Language Arts. In the United States, I am certified to teach English to students in grades 6-12. This semester, I was awarded the opportunity to do my student teaching in Cologne, Germany. Here in Cologne, I was fortunate enough to work with students in grades 5-12. This semester has been very beneficial to me in learning how to teach multiple grade levels, as well as teaching English to non-native speakers.

During my time in the classroom, my students learned how to explain vocabulary words in English, as opposed to just saying the German translation, which helped them to see that they can communicate effectively in English. Seeing my students’ success in English classes reaffirmed why I wanted to be an English teacher in the first place: to inspire my students to be the best that they can be. From teaching grammar to students in grade 6, to helping students in grade 5 with pronunciation, to reading Macbeth with students in grade 11, I have gotten the best experience in learning to teach English that I possibly could have received. Covering such a wide range of teaching material has helped me to become a more multi-faceted teacher.

Learning to teach English as a second language has been a very rewarding experience for me. Getting to know the people and the culture has been wonderful as well. Doing an international internship has opened my eyes to many different situations that I would never have experienced in a domestic internship. Seeing a much different educational system has made me realize how I can take my newfound knowledge back to the States and try to create a more well-rounded educational experience that will benefit my future students."

Beide haben jetzt ihren Abschluss von der Universität bekommen und wir wünschen ihnen für ihre weiteren Pläne alles Gute!  

E. Wright


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