COST-Student Casey Kopp an der KLS

COST-Student Casey Kopp an der KLS

Von der University of Wisconsin River Falls kam in diesem Frühjahr nicht nur eine Studentendelegation mit Prof. Scheurman, um mit Schülern der Q1 über aktuelle Themen zu diskutieren, sondern auch unser COST-Student Casey Kopp, der mit seinem Fach Social Studies sowohl in den ETE-Gruppen der Mittelstufe als auch in verschiedenen Englischklassen als native speaker den Unterricht bereichert hat. Er hat hier zwei Monate des praktischen Teils seiner Lehrerausbildung absolviert. Besonders beeindruckt hat ihn eine Exkursion zum Flüchtlingsboot im Dom, das die gegenwärtige Situation sehr anschaulich macht. So beschreibt er es selbst:
"My name is Casey Kopp and I have just finished my two month long international student teaching placement at KLS. Both the staff and students at KLS are great. They went out of their way to make my experience in Germany fun as well as educational. Back in America, I am a Social Studies teacher, however, I had the opportunity to teach English as well ETE classes while at KLS. Working outside of my main academic field allowed me truly develop as an educator. Some of the highlights of my stay at KLS include teaching about American government, developing cultural mediation scenarios, and teaching about the Panama Papers. Although I had ample opportunity to grow as an educator at KLS, my development was not entirely professional. Living in Germany has allowed me to interact with a new culture.

My German has improved significantly, although I am still miles away from fluent. In addition to language acquisition, I have gained a new a deep understanding of German culture. One experience in particular that was very meaningful relates to the current immigration issue. During the 8th grade ETE class we visited a current exhibition at the cathedral. There is a fishing boat that was used to carry 100 refugees from Syria to Italy. Having seen this boat, hearing the students discuss their views on immigration, and how seeing this display has affect their view was extremely moving. The insight into the current German political was very enlightening and meaningful. In addition to seeing Germany, I also had time to travel to Rome and Iceland. Both experiences were very positive and have given me a broader world perspective. These trips also gave me the opportunity to see first hand many of the historical sites and objects that I have studied. These experiences will become invaluable stories that I can share with my future students.

During my time at KLS I have grown not only as an educator, but also as a person. Although I am sad to leave I will remember and cherish the time I have spent at KLS for the rest of my life. I wish only the best for KLS in the future."


Auch wir wünschen ihm für seinen weiteren Weg alles Gute!

E. Wright



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