Cost-Studentinnen Januar bis Mai 2012

Cost-Studentinnen Januar bis Mai 2012


Ein starkes Team sind die beiden COST-Studentinnen, Sydney Millerund Rachel Marazzi, in diesem Frühjahr, die von der Auburn University in Alabama und der Kentucky University in Lexington, KY, zu uns gekommen sind, um den praktischen Teil ihrer Lehrerausbildung an der KLS zu absolvieren. Sie haben als native speakers den Unterricht bereichert in verschiedenen Englischklassen sowie in ETE, sich mit den Abiturthemen wie Indien auseinandergesetzt und geholfen, die Schüler auf ihre Prüfungen vorzubereiten, im Doppeljahrgang aufs Abitur und bei den mündlichen Prüfungen in der 6. Sogar ein Unterrichtsbesuch durch Professor Fawson aus Kentucky stand auf dem Programm.

Kulturelle Ereignisse in Schule und Stadt wie Karneval, Mottowoche und Abigag waren Teil ihrer Erfahrung hier und haben sie heimisch werden lassen.

Mit Charme und Enthusiasmus haben sie die Herzen erobert und würden am liebsten länger bleiben, wie sie selbst berichten:

Living and teaching in Cologne this semester has been one of the most challenging, exciting, adventurous, and beneficial experiences of my life.  Not only was this semester my first time in Germany, it was my first time overseas.  I boarded the plane nervous, expectant, and excited, and the semester not only met what I hoped it would be; it exceeded it.  Now, in many ways, it will even be difficult to leave.

It can be overwhelming walking into a new place with all new people, especially when you don’t know the language, but the teachers that I’ve been blessed to work with have been extremely encouraging and beyond gracious in their willingness to help.  They have given me opportunities in the classroom, shown me ways to improve, shared ideas on professional strategies and teaching content, and taught me fun and invaluable lessons about the culture.  In a couple classes this semester, we studied India, and we all learned that, in India, what you see on the outside typically doesn’t match what you’ll get on the inside.  I believe that fits for KLS as well.  On the outside, KLS is two unassuming buildings in the middle of the city with mismatched classrooms.  But those things don’t compare to the quality of education, the teachers’ efforts and compassion, the students’ knowledge, and the joy that I’ve experienced getting to teach there.  Of course there were moments when I embarrassed myself in front of my students or moments when I wasn’t exactly sure how to respond to their questions.  But I believe those moments served their purpose and were worth it when compared to the moments of revelation and excitement that occurred when students seemed to enjoy being in class and were grasping the content.  And any amount of discomfort or uncertainty was more than worth the relationships that have developed with the other COST student, teachers, and the students here.   

It didn’t take long to fall in love with the city- its eccentric culture, beautiful buildings, and tasty treats.  And now Cologne, KLS, and the students are in my heart.  Truly, the entire experience has been priceless.  Before I’m even gone, I’m praying for the time that I’ll be able to return.    

Sydney Miller

In short, I am not ready to leave KLS.  The experience working at KLS and living in Cologne has been the best and most fulfilling professional, educational and personal experience in my life.  In my experience both traveling and living abroad, nothing has compared to my experience living and working in Cologne.

The teachers that I worked with at KLS welcomed me with open arms and were nothing short of helpful and supportive during my time working there.  The experience working with both teachers and students at KLS has been immeasurably enriching as a future teacher.  Working with the students at KLS has further confirmed my career choice as a teacher.

Cologne is simply an amazing place to live and work.  I had the privilege of being here during Carnival season and experiencing the festivities both at KLS and in the city.  I believe nothing in the world compares to Carnival in Cologne and life here in general.  I have loved experiencing both German and Kölsch life and culture—I truly feel at home here. 

When I return to the United States I will take my experiences and insights with me in order to share them with family, friends, students and colleagues.   It is with a heavy heart that I prepare to leave and I take solace in knowing that I will return.   I am so grateful to have had this experience.

Herzlichen Dank, Königin-Luise-Schule.  Ich werde dich vermissen! 

Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Rachel Marazzi

Wir werden sie beide sehr vermissen und hoffen doch, dass sie uns wieder einmal besuchen! Alles Gute für die Zukunft!



COST-Studenten Interview 2012

Rachel Marazzi und Sydney Miller, unsere COST-Studenten bis Mai 2012, sprechen über ihre Erfahrungen mit ihrem Praktikum an der KLS und in Köln und was der Aufenthalt für sie bedeutet. Klicken Sie auf den folgenden Link,
um das Interview zu sehen.             

E. Wright


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