COST Studentin von März bis Mai 2010

COST Studentin von März bis Mai 2010


Als erste Studentin ihres College in Kentucky nimmt sie am COST Programm teil und absolviert für sieben Wochen ihre schulpraktischen Studien an der KLS. In ihrer ersten Unterrichtsstunde  wurde sie von ihrem amerikanischen Professor Dr. Sharma besucht, der ihr Feedback und Tipps gab und dabei gleich die KLS kennen lernen konnte. Für Melinda Cooper ging mit der Möglichkeit hier ihr Praktikum zu machen ein Traum in Erfüllung:

Hello!  My name is Melinda Cooper, and I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States of America.  I am a fifth year senior at Thomas More College in the state of Kentucky.  I will graduate in May 2010 with Bachelor of Arts degree in Secondary Education with a concentration in English.
I have wanted to teach abroad since I was a freshman in college, and I couldn’t have been more excited when the opportunity presented itself in April 2009.  I put Germany as my first option of countries to teach in.  When I found out in September 2009 that’s where I would be going, I was thrilled.  Although the planning process seemed tedious at times, it was all worth it now that I am making one of my dreams come true.
I have been in Cologne since the end of February.  I have started forming a great rapport with the students; most of my learning comes from them.  I feel so blessed to work with the students who attend KLS. I have also formed personal and professional relationships with my cooperating teachers.  They have given me a chance to grow, and I am thankful for their guidance.
I look forward to the rest of my time at KLS.  I look forward to continually learning from my students and building a strong professional relationship with my mentors.  I have no doubt my experience at KLS will aide my development as a future educator of the world.


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