COST Studentin von Januar bis März 2010 an der KLS

COST Studentin von Januar bis März 2010 an der KLS

Leider fast vorbei ist bereits wieder das dreimonatige Praktikum von Hilary Griffith, einer unserer beiden derzeitigen COST-Studentinnen, die diesmal wieder aus Ohio kommt, ein  "Bobcat", wie das Maskottchen dort heißt.
Projektwoche, Tag im Schnee und Karneval hat sie neben dem normalen Unterricht mitgemacht und den Schülerinnen und Schülern vor allem der Klassen 8, 9 und 10-11 Gelegenheit zu authentischer Kommunikation auf Englisch gegeben. Doch lassen wir sie selbst zu Wort kommen:

"Hello! My name is Hilary Griffith. I am from Columbus, Ohio in the United States. I am a fourth year student at Ohio University, majoring in Integrated Language Arts Education. I plan to one day be a Language Arts teacher at the secondary level.
When I found out about the COST program, I couldn’t have been more anxious to apply.  This has been an amazing way to not only see the world, but to also gain insight of another culture’s way of living and education. My time spent in Cologne was filled with excitement and new experiences. 
The students I have been teaching are some of the most enthusiastic and motivated students that I have ever had the pleasure of working with! I enjoyed the exchange in information regarding the lifestyles, traditions and customs between our two cultures. They have been my greatest learning tool in being introduced to the German culture.
I have grown personally and professionally in so many ways from being in Germany! My experience at KLS has been one that I will take with me forever. While teaching in a foreign culture has its challenges, I found this to be the greatest source of professional development. This was the perfect opportunity to obtain a unique cultural experience while simultaneously pursuing my desire to become a successful educator. "


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