COST-Studentin von August bis Dezember 2010

COST-Studentin von August bis Dezember 2010

Von Fußball bis Weihnachtsmarkt war alles dabei für unsere COST-Studentin von der University of Georgia in diesem Herbst, die, aufgewachsen in London, uns vor allem im Doppeljahrgang bei den Themen des "American Dream" und "Immigration" tatkräftig im Unterricht unterstützt hat.

Hi, my name is Alex Theodore-Gajraj. I'm from Athens, Georgia, USA. I have had the pleasure of living in Cologne since September and working with the students and faculty of KLS.

I am in my last semester of my Master of Education in Social Studies Education at The University of Georgia. I completed my Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies in 2008 at Rollins College in Orlando, Florida. I chose Social Studies Education because I love learning about history, geography and other cultures in general; in addition to my love of learning about it all, I love sharing it.

The COST program appealed to me because I love learning about and experiencing other cultures. The program is a great opportunity to learn about an education system in a foreign country as well as be part of it. I grew up in England experiencing their system before moving to America when I was sixteen, finishing my education there. I observed classes in China as a pre-service teacher and have now taught in Germany. I hope that these experiences make me a better teacher and help me to bring social studies to life in the classroom for the students.

Teaching at KLS has been wonderful. I love working with my cooperating teachers to plan lessons and discuss with them afterwards how a lesson went. They have been so helpful and I am so grateful for that. When not working, it has been a lot of fun relaxing between classes in the staff room with the other teachers. Outside of school I have enjoyed sightseeing in Cologne, traveling around Germany and visiting other countries in Europe. With another student teacher I went to see Germany play Azerbaijan in September, which was a highlight of my time here along with many visits to the Christmas markets and several trips up the Cathedral's tower.

I’m not really sure why anyone wouldn't do their student teaching through the COST program. The opportunity to travel and explore the world while completing student teaching and getting credit for it all?


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