COST Studenten von Januar bis April 2013

COST Studenten von Januar bis April 2013

Reginald Smith Jr. und Drew Roberts als Mangafiguren (Schülerzeichnung)


Mit Gesang und Humor haben sich die beiden amerikanischen COST-Studenten Reginald Smith Jr. (University of Kentucky) und Drew Roberts (Auburn University, AL) schnell einen Platz an der KLS erobert. Sie haben in ihren Fächern (Musik bzw. Englisch) Ausbildungsunterricht in verschiedenen Stufen gemacht und sich auf vielfältige Weise in das Schulleben eingebracht, vom Tag der offenen Tür,  Karneval oder dem Musikabend bis zur Mithilfe bei den mündlichen Prüfungen der 6. Klassen in Englisch.


Wir haben uns besonders gefreut durch Mr Smith auch einmal bilinguale Module in den Musikunterricht einfließen lassen zu können und dem Gesang an der KLS mit sonorer Unterstützung größeren Raum zu geben! So beschreiben sie selbst ihre Erfahrungen:

Drew Roberts: “When I first learned that I was going to be placed in Cologne, Germany (which seems so long ago now), I was ecstatic.  I had never been out of the United States before, so to go somewhere as far away as Germany for four months seemed like a fantastic adventure; it certainly has been.

My greatest worry was the fact that I didn't speak German.  I asked myself, “how am I going to teach for so long in Germany without speaking the language?”  I quickly discovered that the students spoke English quite well!  I was continually impressed by the students, old and young, who were able to have complete discussions (which were often quite lively) with me in English.  Even the youngest students were able to convey what it is they need.  The older students always impressed me with their ability to communicate complex ideas in literature like Shakespeare's sonnets, or Macbeth, a play difficult to understand even for a native English speaker.  The students and the faculty's ability and willingness to communicate with me has been a great help in adjusting to and teaching in Cologne.  None have been as helpful as Mrs. Wright, who has been with me from the time we arrived until my very last day here. Without her and the rest of KLS' staff, I wouldn't have had as wonderful of a time as I have had.

The COST program has afforded me opportunities beyond teaching, as well.  During the Easter holidays, my fellow COST student and I were able to travel to cities such as Rome, Venice, Florence, Munich, and Paris.  The experience of going to so many different places has been eye-opening and endlessly fascinating; I can't imagine a better way to complete my journey to becoming an educator.

These last four months have been incredible, and I am sad to see my time here end. I do leave comforted with the knowledge that I may have made an impact on these students' lives, and knowing that they and the KLS staff have made a huge impact upon mine.  I can't describe my gratitude to all of those who have made this opportunity possible for me.

Auf Wiedersehen!“

Reginald Smith Jr.: “After all of the wonderful experiences I have had in Cologne, Germany at the Koenigin-Luise Schule, it is hard to believe that my time here is coming to an end. I have really enjoyed watching the students grow and develop. They have taught me so much about the language, history, and culture of Germany. I will also miss the warm, friendly, and supportive atmosphere among the teachers at the Koenigin-Luise Schule.



During my time at KLS, I worked students from grade 5 through grade 12 in the music classes and some of the English classes. As a future music educator I found Cologne to be a great place to teach as well as absorb the different musical opportunities around me. There were many concerts in Cologne, but my favorite concert was the Musikabend at KLS. The students at KLS are extremely smart and incredibly talented. I will take the experiences that I learned from this amazing experience in Cologne, Germany and share them with many students in America. After all, who doesn't love Karnival songs? Viva Colonia!

I am grateful and truly blessed to have worked with such a wonderful group music teachers and with such a great program coordinator such as Frau Wright. I will deeply miss all of the students at KLS. Please visit my website to see where I am singing these days, and feel free to leave me a message! (

mit Herzlichen Dank“

Wir haben zu danken und wünschen beiden viel Erfolg auf ihrem weiteren Weg!    E. Wright  


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